Pillow Therapy

So last night my husband was whining around that we left all our sofa pillows on the sofa back home in Ohio. Since I was wanting an easy project I made some pillows. The large one measures 20 inches squared while the smaller ones are 14 inches squared.

I love how bright and cheery they are! 
Please ignore the olive sofa... I know its a little dated. A new sofa is on my wishlist and since I finished these pillows I think it needs to be bumped up on the list. 

I cant choose a favorite. I love them all :)

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Sew Modern Swap Three

I was so excited to find out that I was able to participate in the Sew Modern Three Swap. I have been wanting to participate in a swap for a a while now.

When I received my partners info including her likes and dislikes it seemed as though she really wanted a quilted bag. Not just any bag... a weekender bag! I had been wanting to try my hand at these beauties for a while now so I decide to make her one. I purchased a pattern and quickly struggled with the bag.  It turns out zippers and I do not get along.  I think I could handle the bag without the zipper!!

I was so frustrated! I really wanted to give her something awesome.. And not just something awesome but something awesome that she really wanted.

So... since I was struggling so much and quickly running out if time I turned to my friend Nicke, from Kiss Kiss Quilt,  who makes awesomely amazing bags. How pathetic right? Well Nicke being the non judgmental person that she is immediately said she would help me out. She even said she would understand if I didnt want to tell anyone that it was really her that made the bag.... I could never do that!! So.... for all who read let it be known that Nicke made this awesome duffel for my swap partner! I made the final decision on the fabrics but everything else was all her. 

But here is the package I sent out...

So I didn't make the bag but I did make the 18" by 18" pillow to go with it.
I love the way it turned out!
I had three family members ask if they could have it.... Umm... No...

My thought was if you are traveling with your new duffel you may need a pillow to rest your head for those long road trips. Then I saw the cute little notebook and what better way to remember your trip than with writing down your memories?

So... Even though I was feeling so low and so inadequate and moped around the house for a couple days...  I got to thinking it was a great learning experience for me now I am determined more than ever to make that weekender bag and make it awesome!! I am excited to get to participate in another swap in the future at some point but this time I will know my limits and if I am not comfortable making a weekender bag I will state that in my swap "application". I know my partner is going to love her bag...  I know I loved it and it was hard to mail it off!

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