Back to Reality

Every year we go down to Gulf Shores Alabama. The sand is white, the water is clear and the views are spectacular.

This year unfortunately I didn't get a lot of pictures. This trip was busier than any other previous vacation. I think that is because our son is older now and we were constantly on the go. We did manage to sneak in some relaxing sunsets...

And then there were some great finds that had washed up on the beach...

Pretty cool eh?
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Dog Night

I found this post that I wrote last year around this time!!! Somehow it was never shared and its too cute not to share so here it is... a year later!!

You are not going to believe this one! My son has been begging me to have "dog night". I first said what is dog night? He proceeds to tell me it would be a night where we all eat and drink like dogs... no forks! Well, the other day I went to the store and loaded up on dog dishes and surprised him with "dog night". My nieces know about it and wanted to come over so they joined in the festivities! I played along and took a bite of my taco salad like a dog then said momma dog is getting a fork! lol

He had sooo much fun... all the kids did. My eleven year old niece looked at me with a big smile and said "I cant believe you did this! You just won mom of the year"! Well, I'm sure there are moms out there who would "dog" this but we had fun! Life's too short! Why not have some fun?!

I wasn't thinking when I bought my dishes... I didn't have enough for dessert so we reverted back to regular bowls (and spoons) for the ice cream :)

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