Stash Bee Quilt

I finally finished my Stash Bee Quilt! I was so lucky to have a great group of gals sending me blocks, I also received a few from outside the group to complete this quilt.  I would like to thank everyone who helped make it!! I think it turned out amazing. I had asked bee members to make wonky star blocks and wonky log cabin blocks.  I had enough blocks to make one quilt for charity and one quilt to keep. This one that I finished first will be going to a new home at some point. I would like to keep it in my community so I thought I would see if a local organization had someone that could use it.

And the back...
 Perfect size!

I absolutely love it. It has four 12.5 inch blocks across and five 12.5 inch blocks down. I added a border and it now measures approximately 52 inches by 64 inches.
I quilted it with straight lines about 1/4 inch apart. After it was washed it became so crinkly and cuddly. I am sure at its new home it will be loved.

Thanks for stopping in and thanks to all that helped!!



  1. It turned out so great! Yay. Someone will really be loving on that quilt.

  2. So bright and cheerful! It will certainly brighten someone's day. I love the mix of blocks. They look great together!

  3. Congratulations on this wonderful finish! Someone will be very happy to receive this beauty!!!
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    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

    1. I hope whoever gets it will love it! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I just want to say you made very colorful quilts Indeed, thanks for the whole effort which you made for us.


  5. What a wonderful quilt to have. The lemon and green borders finish it off beautifully.

  6. What a great sampler. The border really works well to bring it together.

  7. Brilliant bright colours! I bet Laura would love it too - but Ma would probably make her straighten out the seams!

  8. The yellow borders are so sweet and I love the color for the back!