Family Sewing

First of all I would like to thank everyone for their supportive comments on my last post! It really meant a lot!!
For those of you who don't know my husband and I will be leaving the family farm soon. My husband has accepted a promotion and we are moving to the PA area. I say area because its on the PA, OH and WV border so I'm not sure which state we will call home :)
I have been trying to get some projects wrapped up before we go. My sister had bought some quilt squares my grandmother made in their estate auction 17 years ago. They have sat in her basement until a couple weeks ago. She brought them over and asked if I could finish some quilts for her.
In the box I found these blocks that were already sewn together in strips. My grandmother didn't have a rotary cutter so the fabrics aren't exactly even.... But I think it adds character!

The box has enough fabric in it to make about four quilts. The quilt above is all older fabric (at least 30 years old). The quilt I am working on below has both older fabrics as well as some new modern blocks I added.

This box should keep me busy for a while :)
Thanks for stopping in!!


  1. How nice to have that connection to the past. Enjoy finishing up gramma's quilts

    1. It is a great connection and quite fun!! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. What beautiful quilts and a great story behind them. Good luck with your move!