Vintage quilt

Today I wanted to share something my great grandmother made. My mom recently told me about it and I just couldnt wait to see it. My great grandmother made my mom and dad a king size quilt for their wedding. The enrire quilt was HAND SEWN!! Wow!!! She did send it away to be quilted by a professional. This quilt will be 49 years old this October.

It is beautiful!! The only sad thing is my mom gave it to my older sister years ago. I didnt even know it exsisted! It sat in my moms cedar chest for years then she gave it to  my sister only to be put in a box in her basement!! Something like this needs to be on display.... Oh how I want it for my living room....

I think my great grandmother was an amazing quilter. I just wish I had been able to meet her, I am sure she could have taught me so much! 


  1. It's beautiful and it looks like it's in excellent condition! Can you talk your sister into gifting it to you? ;-)

  2. Well... After I gave her the idea I think she might pull it out and display it. It's in great condition and I just love it! Thanks!

  3. Oh what a treasure you have there.
    So precious that it is yours!
    Sincerely, Trish