Liebster Blog Award

Oh my word!!! I won an award and didn't even have my Grammy... I mean Liebster speech prepared!! I am pretty shocked.... and honored!!!

Thank you so much to Lynn at KS Design Girls for presenting me with the Liebster Blog Award!
I have seen other blogs get this award and I am always so happy for them!! There are some WONDERFUL small blogs out there and I am so honored that Lynn thought my blog was award worthy!

According to Google Liebster means Favorite in German. The award is for bloggers with 200 followers or less.

Liebster rules:
1. Choose five blogs you think deserve recognition
2. Copy and paste the award to your blog
3. Link back to the person who awarded you
4. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
5. Have faith that your follower will spread the love too.

Five blogs I follow and would like to award:

Kelsey at Kelsey Sews - She's from Ohio too! She uses bright fresh fabrics that make you want to smile :) I found her blog through my Do good stitches group.
Kristy at Kristy Lou's Creations - She is in my hive at Stash Bee! She too uses bright, cheery colors. She also has another blog with pictures of a peacock that are amazing! Check her out!
Nicke at Kiss Kiss Quilt - I met her blog through the Do good stitches bee as well. She made the cutest Polaroid picture block.

Midnight Maker - I love her use of bright colors! She recently made the cutest typewriter tote bag!

Cindy at Spin the Bobbin - She is in my hive at Stash Bee! She has great posts and she make quilts for quilt of valor :)

It was SO hard to pick only five! Thanks you so much!

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