Spring on the Farm

Ahhh... Spring! Here in Ohio we had a week of 80 degree weather in March believe it or not, then it has been either chili or down right cold ever since! I am so ready for summer and the POOL!! Today it is fairly nice out. The sun is shinning and the birds are chirping :) I thought I would share some of my favorite spring things here on the farm....

Spring foals...
Chili trail rides...
Tee Ball...
 Hatching chicks....

Green grass!!....
My other spring favorite is spring calves.... but I can't locate the SD card with them!

Also, some of the above pictures were taken by my overly talented teenage nieces Maggie and Allie. They are my personal photographers lol. I love their work and it's not just because we are related! :)


Being a nurse I'm kind of all about first aid. This weekend I updated old first aid kits and made a couple new ones. I have one in each vehicle as well as the horse trailer. The one in the trailer has horse and human supplies :) You wouldn't imagine how much stuff goes into an equine first aid kit!

Here is what is pictured. Cheap little plastic storage box (complete with Star Wars sticker form my son).

 In the box:

Wound Cleanser
 2x2 sterile bandages
3x3 sterile bandages
 3x4 non stick sterile bandages
 Assortment of bandaids
Bug spay
Triple antibiotic ointment
Rubbing Alcohol
Bandage scissors
Rolled gauze
Cold Pack

In the kit but not pictured...

Small flashlight
Solar blanket (for winter emergencies)
After bite cream
Medical bandage tape
Finger splint

While it isn't a stocked ER room I think this is a pretty good kit to handle small emergencies. What do you have in your kits?

Oh yea... We also keep a snack box for those hunger emergencies that arise at the ball field!  :)