Donkey Christmas Quilt

I was able to finish this quilt just in time to be delivered to my sons kindergarten teacher for their Christmas party. I LOVE this quilt!!! I originally was making it to keep but when my son said his teacher would really, really like it I knew what had to be done.

I do think she liked it and I am sure it will get much use :)


Stash Bee Quilt

Happy Thanksgiving!! Gobble Gobble!! There are many things I am thankful for today and every day. Unfortunately there are many people out there who go without and need a little help.
Luckily, with the help of some of you I was able to put together this top...
Many of these blocks were donated by my friends i have met through Stash Bee as well as this blog ;) When this quilt is finished it will be donated! Thanks everyone for helping me make a quilt top to help someone in need :)


Leafs Me Happy Blog Hop - My Turn!!

I am participating in the Leaves To Me Blog Hop Hosted MDM Samm and  Cherry.

For this blog hop we were asked to make 12.5 inch blocks with a fall theme. Here are my paper pieced blocks:

You can find the free patterns for these blocks here. The original blocks are 8 x 10 but I added the borders to make them 12.5 inch square.

Now onto the giveaway!!

I have this great little bundle of Riley Blake fat quarters in great fall colors.

 I have one yard of this spider web print I would like to giveaway.

To enter the giveaway please leave any comment on this post.

For a second entry be a follower and leave a comment saying you do! Good Luck!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Please visit the other great blogs on the blog tour today!


I was just informed that I had word verification on.... So Sorry!!! I had no idea it was on. Thanks to The Girlfriend Gap for letting me know!   ;)


100 Quilts For Kids

Here is a quilt that is being donated to my local pregnancy shelter. Its a baby quilt and I made up the pattern myself. I love its happy colors :)
I will be adding it to the 100 Quilts For Kids Flickr pool.


Italian Chicken and Veggies Recipe

The other night I was struggling to think of something to make for dinner and I came up with this...

Here is how I made it... 
 1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 packet of good seasons
4 TBS melted butter
1/2 to 3/4 of a 14 oz can of chicken broth 
raw chicken - I used chicken tenders
bag of frozen corn
1 can french cut green beans

First I placed the potatoes in the bottom of a 13 by 9 casserole dish and salt and peppered them. Then I placed the chicken on top. 
Next I put a half a bag of frozen corn on top...
And then topped it with french cut green beans... 
Then I mixed the cream of chicken soup, packet of good seasons, melted butter and chicken broth together and poured it over the chicken and veggies. I covered and baked it for one hour at 350 degrees. It tasted great! I was pretty impressed that my lack of planning created something so yummy!


Easy Peasy Kids Quilt Tutorial

Easy Peasy Kids Quilt
Here is my easy peasy kids quilt:

And here is how to make it:
Take one Jelly Roll of 20-24 strips. Cut the ends off so each strip is 40-41 inches long. Sew all the strips together. Add a border (mine is 4.5 inches wide on all four sides) and your quilt top is complete! This is so simple and quick but yet it is a mighty good looking quilt! My quilt measured around 50 x 57.  It can be made bigger or smaller by adjusting the borders.
Now all you have to do is sandwich and quilt it then bind it J Cant get any easier than that!
Kristy with Hopeful Threads is challenging everyone to make something for foster children or the families caring for foster children. (See my last post for all the scoop.)  This quilt would be the perfect gift for any child. Just make one and drop it off at your local children’s services agency. If you don’t know where to send it in your community I can help you find a place to donate it or you can send it to me to be donated. I am so excited that we are able to show children they are loved so much that a quilt was made just for them!
You can also link up to the 100 Quilts for Kids Challenge hosted by Katie!
I have made up quilt kits (backing and binding material included) in my shop available for purchase, or use your scraps!  I would love to see pictures if you make one of these!
Have a wonderful day and happy sewing!!


Dianes Quilt

I would like to thank everyone who sent me blocks to get this quilt finished in a timely manner. I had asked the gals of Stash bee as well as Heal @ Do Good Stitches and they were more than willing to help.

My coworker Diane was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has started the treatment course for this and is in good spirits. This quilt made her day! She recently started losing her hair and this was just the thing to keep her positive attitude going. I included the addresses of all the ladies who sent blocks along with any well wishes they sent. I know Diane will be sending everyone thank you cards because that's just the type of person she is :)

I quilted it using straight lines. I got the idea from this table runner

Thanks to everyone who helped brighten Diane's day!!


Easy Pillowcase Tutorial

                                                                    Easiest Pillowcase Tutorial

Hey there! For anyone who doesn’t know yet Kristy from Hopeful Threads challenges everyone to sew for a cause each month! For August she has asked us to sew for Foster Care. The projects can be made for the foster children or their foster families. This is actually something that is very important to me.
Thankfully there are foster parents out there to take children in need and show them love and hope. Many times when these children are placed in foster care they do not have any of their belongings to take with them. That is where we come in! Make a pillowcase, a quilt, a bag filled with goodies, or you could even make a stuffed toy. After you make your project donate it to your local children’s services department or children’s home. You could also make a zippered bag filled with lotions or an assortment of teas and coffees for the foster parents thanking them for what they do. You may not feel that you are doing much but I promise it will make a difference in someone’s life!
So… Lets get started shall we?
For your pillowcase you will need a main print of ¾ yards or 27 inches plus a trim piece in a coordinating color of ¼ yards or 9 inches.

I don’t bother cutting the selvage off of mine. Put your main piece in front of you with the right side up then place the ¼ yard strip of fabric on top of it with the wrong side up like so…

Now you will sew all along the edge (above the butterfly pins). Next you want to flip it over so the wrong side of your main print is showing you. Start rolling up the main print until you are in the middle of your ¼ yard strip.

Fold your ¼ yard strip over the rolled fabric and pin it.

Now sew it carefully so that you don’t get the rolled fabric sewed up in your seam. Next is to pull out your little sausage. Just go to one of the open ends and kind of fold back the outer fabric whiles pulling the inner fabric out.

Now you don’t have any raw edges there!!

Next lay your fabric out with WRONG SIDES TOGETHER and sew all the open seams with a SCANT ¼ inch seam.

Now turn your pillowcase inside out and sew a little over a ¼ seam. Viola!! You now have a pillowcase with NO RAW EDGES!!

Now sit back and admire it a little before making someone’s day with it!!
I am hosting a pillowcase kit giveaway on Kristys blog so hop on over there and enter to win. I am also having an extra one here! Enter both places for a better chance to win!! You can have three entries here...All you have to do here is:
1. Be a follower and leave a comment.
2. Like Gingersnaps Fabric Boutique and leave a comment.
3. Like the shop on Facebook.

Go check out the Shop for pillowcase kits, quilt kits and more. Use the Code Hope12 for an extra 10% off my already low prices.

Good luck and thanks for stopping in!!


Patriotic Pinwheels WIP

I have been slowly plugging away at my patriotic pinwheel blocks. I realy wanted to have it completed by the 4th so we could take it to our local fireworks display and picnic but it looks like it wont make it :(
Here are the blocks I have so far...

 And here is a close up of a couple blocks.

There is a great tutorial for pinwheel blocks at Sew Happy Geek. I am using a Stars and Stripes fat quarter bundle and you can find them at Gingersnaps Fabric Boutique.

I will be linking this post here:

Lily's Quilts


Vintage quilt

Today I wanted to share something my great grandmother made. My mom recently told me about it and I just couldnt wait to see it. My great grandmother made my mom and dad a king size quilt for their wedding. The enrire quilt was HAND SEWN!! Wow!!! She did send it away to be quilted by a professional. This quilt will be 49 years old this October.

It is beautiful!! The only sad thing is my mom gave it to my older sister years ago. I didnt even know it exsisted! It sat in my moms cedar chest for years then she gave it to  my sister only to be put in a box in her basement!! Something like this needs to be on display.... Oh how I want it for my living room....

I think my great grandmother was an amazing quilter. I just wish I had been able to meet her, I am sure she could have taught me so much! 



My baby is graduating!!! Next fall I will be sending him off into the cold, cruel world..... of kindergarten!

We had his graduation at school and I could have broke down crying! I got teary eyed but tried to hold it together. I didn't want to embarrass him with my mascara running all down my face! lol
I see helping out weekly in his class in my future!  :)


Patriotic Pinwheels

If you are looking for the giveaway please go here.

I LOVE pinwheels and have been wanting to make a pinwheel quilt. So... Here are my first three blocks:

I used Riley Blake Stars and Stripes fabric found here. I just love the pinwheels print fabric!! Please ignore the bad points, I thought about un-sewing this but thought eh... I have plenty of time to do this later.   :)

 I cant wait to make more blocks!


Make My Hay...

Wow! I have been so busy the last couple weeks there has been no time for sewing or posting!!

My son had surgery on his eardrum and doing well but did knock me out of commission for a couple days!The surgery was to correct a hole in the eardrum, hopefully that will correct his hearing loss. If not he may need another surgery this time in the inner ear!  I am praying that does not need to happen!

We did have some fun on the farm in the form of baling hay! Always good times! I love how the horses stand in the pasture and give you the "go ahead, bale my hay look". lol

Hopefully there will be some sewing and posting in my near future... Have a great day!


Scrappy Dresden and a Recipe

I'm not sure where this cute little thang will go.... a pillow? part of a baby quilt? hmm...

And now for the recipe! Its simple.... BBQ Egg Rolls!! YUM!
All you do is pick up some egg roll wrappers at your local supermarket. They can usually be found in the refrigerated area in the produce section.  Then stop by your local BBQ restaurant and get some pulled pork to go! Heat up you fyer to 360 - ish. Take your egg roll wrappers (they are super thin) and place a small scoop of pulled pork in the center like a burrito. Put a little shredded mozzarella cheese in and roll them up. To seal them treat them like a present. Take a spray bottle and wet the areas you would normally put tape on your present (does that make sense?) then squeeze the dough a little to get them to seal. Place them in your fryer for about 2 to 3 minutes or until golden. Serve with BBQ sauce! The picture does not do them justice... these are the best! I hope you can make sense of my instructions :)


Liebster Blog Award

Oh my word!!! I won an award and didn't even have my Grammy... I mean Liebster speech prepared!! I am pretty shocked.... and honored!!!

Thank you so much to Lynn at KS Design Girls for presenting me with the Liebster Blog Award!
I have seen other blogs get this award and I am always so happy for them!! There are some WONDERFUL small blogs out there and I am so honored that Lynn thought my blog was award worthy!

According to Google Liebster means Favorite in German. The award is for bloggers with 200 followers or less.

Liebster rules:
1. Choose five blogs you think deserve recognition
2. Copy and paste the award to your blog
3. Link back to the person who awarded you
4. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
5. Have faith that your follower will spread the love too.

Five blogs I follow and would like to award:

Kelsey at Kelsey Sews - She's from Ohio too! She uses bright fresh fabrics that make you want to smile :) I found her blog through my Do good stitches group.
Kristy at Kristy Lou's Creations - She is in my hive at Stash Bee! She too uses bright, cheery colors. She also has another blog with pictures of a peacock that are amazing! Check her out!
Nicke at Kiss Kiss Quilt - I met her blog through the Do good stitches bee as well. She made the cutest Polaroid picture block.

Midnight Maker - I love her use of bright colors! She recently made the cutest typewriter tote bag!

Cindy at Spin the Bobbin - She is in my hive at Stash Bee! She has great posts and she make quilts for quilt of valor :)

It was SO hard to pick only five! Thanks you so much!


Spring on the Farm

Ahhh... Spring! Here in Ohio we had a week of 80 degree weather in March believe it or not, then it has been either chili or down right cold ever since! I am so ready for summer and the POOL!! Today it is fairly nice out. The sun is shinning and the birds are chirping :) I thought I would share some of my favorite spring things here on the farm....

Spring foals...
Chili trail rides...
Tee Ball...
 Hatching chicks....

Green grass!!....
My other spring favorite is spring calves.... but I can't locate the SD card with them!

Also, some of the above pictures were taken by my overly talented teenage nieces Maggie and Allie. They are my personal photographers lol. I love their work and it's not just because we are related! :)