So now is about the time my chickens need to be doing double time! But instead they are being lazy little cannibals!! Egg production has gone way down, despite all the usual cold weather tricks, and now they have started EATING their eggs! Yuck!! How am I supposed to supply both my customers and myself with eggs?? Oh the troubles of farm life! lol. Well recipes will follow but for now take a look at the little cuties:

Below is rooster. He and one hen get an entire coop all to themselves. They supply the fertile eggs to be hatched out :)
Don't worry, all my chickens are cage free, free range and organically fed.

One of our hens:


While I was adding pictures of the chickens I thought I would throw in some of our Horses for your viewing privilege!!

And... While I'm at it... Here's my baby Izzy....

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